Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The rhythm of the keyboard...

...has been conspicuously absent from this blog for some time, which is a shame.  It matches the rhythm of my training, though, as I am just coming back from an injury - and one that wasn't exercise induced.  About a month ago I went to China and Japan on business.  Meetings ended a day early in China so I went out to the Great Wall.  It is just as great as the name indicates, but it is also very steep and it's not advisable to run/walk 5k on it when you are not used to hills - especially if you follow that up with a day hiking through the mountains of Japan and a six mile run through Tokyo.  And then follow that up by a multi-day, 150 mile bike race the next weekend back home.

Thankfully it was only tendonitis, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  The doctor told me I couldn't run or bike for three weeks, so I spent a lot of time swimming.  A lot.  One morning I swam a full 2.5 miles, which is longer than the swim needed for a full Ironman.  And, with perhaps more hubris than common sense, I signed up for a sprint tri just after I thought the doctor might let me do it.

Fortune smiled on my injury and I'm cleared to run and bike.  The sprint tri is this weekend - 600m swim, 11 mile ride, and a 5k.  I'm a slow swimmer, but I think I can do the ride in about 30 minutes and the run in 22:30 or so.  My stretch goal is to break 1:10, which wouldn't be too bad for a guy who is going to take 12 minutes to finish the swim.

This is all a precursor to something bigger and better, if I survive.  While I was recovering from the injury I signed up to volunteer at bike check in for the Ironman here in the Houston area.  I'm sold.  Because I volunteered, I get dibs on signing up.  So my new schedule goes something like this:  sprint tri this weekend, olympic tri in August, marathon in October, half-iron tri in November (maybe), Goofy challenge in January, and full iron in May.  I'll be the fittest man on the planet, if I don't die first.