Sunday, January 23, 2011

My calves hurt today

I think there is going to be a muscle building phase with this new stride. Should be good for my 4 miles tomorrow.

In other news, changing my stride isn't the only thing that I'm planning on doing before my next marathon in June. I ran this last one at 210, and its the last one I'm going to do as a Clydesdale. I'm down to 197 now, and I'm going to get down to 175 or better (depends on what my body fat analysis tells me) before I'm done. I'm carefully tracking calories, nutrients, carb/fat/protein percentage, etc., as it's a dangerous and difficult thing to lose weight and train at the same time.

I'm also doing a bunch of strength training on my core and legs to try to improve my muscles (this is related to form).

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