Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A quick break from running

I want to take a quick break from running to talk about Japan.  I lived there for a cumulative several years (spanning at least four separate times) and the recent earthquake/tsunami/nuclear incident trifecta has me horrified.  I do speak and read Japanese (my undergrad degree is in it, actually), so I spend most mornings lately watching Japanese-language programming to get the latest news and stories.  I'm amazed at the resilience and willpower of the people.  It's not surprising, actually, given what I know about them collectively, but to watch it in action in such a terrible time inspires me quite a bit.  I pray for them and their recovery, or at least as much of a recovery as can be made after something so traumatic.  For those who wish to help, I'd suggest donations to the Red Cross as a likely place to start; they have had local offices in Japan for years and know the landscape.

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