Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cycling, and other things

So as I mentioned before, I've been using this break from running (and a little bit of leftover bonus money!) to get into cycling.  Wow.  I had no idea it was this much fun or I would have done it a few years ago.  My new bike (named Lola, at the request of my life - I'm unsure if this is a Copacabana thing or a Kinks thing, but I'm assuming the former).  Cycling combines all the awesomeness of motorcycling and most of what I love about running.  Running will always be my first love, but it now has a mistress to deal with.

In other news, my Garmin 305 bit the dust this morning.  Dead.  Won't turn on at all, won't charge, no nothing.  I certainly got my use out of it (over 2000 miles of running and 100+ cycling).

I've always said that if it ever died I'd replace it same-day, so I did.  The newest Garmin model, the 610, is well reviewed and has a nifty touch screen, but it's impossible to find.  Everybody is backordered for 3-5 weeks, including online shops.  Or so I thought.  I called up Luke's Locker, a favorite local running store of mine, and it turns out they got six this morning.  Off my son and I went to buy it.  The employees at the store were openly jealous.  Here's hoping for at least another few thousand miles on this baby.

Love the sleek lines


  1. I love riding my bike into town. I'm even thinking of getting a trailer, so I can run errands.

  2. denten's garmin just quit on him too. you guys just run them into the ground.