Friday, August 21, 2009

At the beginning of the year I was fat and lazy

Somewhere between then and now, I renewed my passionate affair with running. That means, if you include my wife and my motorcycle, I now have three needy lovers, some of which are more demanding (and expensive) than the others. I will let you guess as to the relative hierarchy.

I have spent all spring and summer working myself back into shape and am running the Houston Marathon on January 17, 2010.

This is my running blog.

I have little hope that anybody will care but me, and maybe my wife (to get satisfactory explanations about random credit card charges at local running shops).

Still, I have more than a few friends that are experienced runners, and they are more than welcome to tell me all the ways in which I am messing up.

I don't plan on posting about every run I do because, frankly, that's pretty boring. Also, I have a sidebar gadget doo-hickey that does it for me, which is nice. Instead, I think I'll just have random musings about nearly getting hit by deer when running, new gear, hydration plans, that sort of thing.

Tomorrow marks the first day of my training program. Wish me luck.


  1. fun idea. gross name for a blog. read "born to run" and give us your take. good luck!

  2. Love it! And I think the title is just gross enough.

  3. Amberly - you are the second person who's suggested that book, and it's definitely on my list of stuff to read.

    love your barefoot running kick, as well as the shoes.