Saturday, August 22, 2009


It makes a difference.

Last night it rained pretty hard here, just at sunset, and cooled things down a bit. The upshot was that the morning was a few degrees cooler than usual, and it made a difference. There was also a nice breeze and lower humidity than I'm used to (it's usually around 90% when I go out).

I felt great today.

On an unrelated subject involving the word heat, I read a story this week about runners that pack heat. I guess I can understand that if you are a woman that runs at night, and moreso if you do a lot of trail running. But where would you put it? I cannot imagine any comfortable way of carrying a pistol while running.

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  1. You are doing great running bro-in-law! (FYI-I consider myself a real runner, and the only time I have had a blackened toenail it was from dropping a 45 lbs lifting plate on my big toe, not running :))

    Adam has tried to solve the pack and run problem for me, he being an avid packer, but half the fun of running is the skimpy clothes, so really it would only work for winter running when I wear a sweatshirt and sweats and it would have to be a really little pistol. When living in UT Adam bought me a hand sized pepper-spray after he was on a run and a either extremely drugged or crazy person confronted him in the middle of the sidewalk (and he isn't little.)

    Happy running - bet you wish you could come run in our 60 -70 degree MT weather! :)