Friday, April 1, 2011

Springtime reflections

This morning - April 1 - was a beautiful morning for a run.  The run itself was and I'm not sure I want to talk about it any more than you want to hear the details.  So let's chat about last month instead.

Right now I'm in the middle of as intense a training schedule as I've ever been on, and the running numbers from march bear that out.  I ran harder and farther than I ever have.  Some numbers:

  • I ran 25 days last month.  The previous high was 23 in February, and the previous high before that was 20 in September of '09.
  • My total mileage was 169.48 miles.  The previous high (again, from September of '09) was 140.
  • I spent a little bit over 25 hours running last month.  That's right - over one full day.
  • My average speed was the fastest since May of 2010 - but I only ran 84 miles that month (I was just coming back from my IT injury).
  • I burned - just through running - 24,000 calories.  I think that's like the equivalent of six or seven large pepperoni pizzas.  I lost about 10 pounds too.
I can't say I came through the month completely unscathed.  I do have a bit of nagging soreness in my left calf sort of down low.  That's my bad ankle, and I think it's related to that.  It flared up early in the month, went away, and now is back (albeit milder and getting better) so I'm not concerned yet.  At least not until I look at my running schedule for this month, which has me over 200. 

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  1. Take care of the ankle. Have you thought of a brace? They have them at Wal Mart.